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澳大利亚二十一世纪国际有限公司(BBG)于1991年在墨尔本成立。位于澳洲墨尔本的总公司是 AIBB( Australian Institute of Business Brokers )和REIV(Real Estate Institute of Victoria)成员,更是维州生意委员会成员Business Brokering Chapter Committee八名委员中唯一的一位华人成员。公司创始人Steven 洪先生为澳大利亚国际工商总会会长、澳大利亚生意委员会成员、维州房地产委员会成员、墨尔本房地产协会的理事及资深持牌房地产顾问。目前BBG公司旗下拥 有BBG生意顾问部,BBG房地产投资开发部,BBG移民部,BBG会计事务所,BBG上海分公司,BBG投资公司等。BBG房地产投资开发部作为集团三 大主要业务部门之一,业务内容包括:楼花、二手豪宅、农场/酒庄的销售,买家代理,地产项目开发等。

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Australia 21st Century International Limited (BBG) was established in Melbourne on 1991. The company is a member of the AIBB (Australian Institute of Business Brokers) and REIV (Real Estate Institute of Victoria) and the one and only Chinese member of the eight members of the Business Brokering Chapter Committee.

The founder of the company, Mr. Steven, is the President of the Australian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a member of the Australian Business Council, a member of the Victorian Real Estate Committee, a member of the Melbourne Real Estate Association and a senior licensed real estate consultant.

BBG has BBG Business Consulting Department, BBG Real Estate Investment Development Department, BBG Immigration Department, BBG Accounting Office, BBG Shanghai Branch, BBG Investment Company, etc.

BBG Real Estate Investment Development Department is one of the three major business units, including off-the-plan properties, second-hand luxury homes, farm/wine properties, properties agents, and real estate development.



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